New Year’s Makeup

Makeup for the New Year 2020 which matches the color of your eyes.

In addition to the beautiful New Year’s Eve dress, we also recommend that you take care of your makeup. We are looking at options to focus on which makeup to use in order to shine and inspire on the festive night of 2020.

2020 – The Year of the Rat, and this animal is active, energetic, which loves people’s affairs, so if you want to be liked by him, your makeup must be bright and memorable.

Also, the Rat favors all shades of gold: the ideal variant for a New Year celebration, will be a dress of red, orange, ochre color, trimmed with sequins. And to fit such a fiery dress you just need a “flaming” makeup. The main emphasis here should be on a metallized or pearlescent palette, and even if you choose large sequins, no one will judge you. It is fashionable! But the sequins – a thing capricious (a little too much and you already blend seamlessly with the tree) should be trepidated to their shades. They should strictly correspond to your color type. For cold types, shades of soft gold, muted silver, metallic, holographic shine are suitable, for women with a warm tint of skin – sand, cream, terracotta tones with fine crumbs and sequins.

One of the main makeup trends on New Year’s Eve is the focus on the eyes. Among the trends of New Year’s makeup 2020 there are five main trends:

  1. Bright, accentuated eye make-up (it is best to use glitter on the eyelids, or cashmere, two-component sequins, is not prohibited active shimmer under the eyebrows, glossy shade, fig-ice with colored eyeliner. Makeup for the New Year should create the feeling that after the chimes break, you will go to the disco and there you will look quite organic).
  2. Shimmering liquid eyeliner (shimmering arrows can be of different shades, but it is important that they blend perfectly with the color of the shadows. In no case is there any contrast).
  3. The sequins are stars instead of freckles (yes, this is very brave, but you can apply them very little, it will add playfulness and weightlessness to the image. It’s what you need for a festive night out).
  4. Makeup with a luminous skin effect (it all depends on your mood too: you can combine the primer with the highlighter and blush to create a wow effect, or you can only apply an active “golden” pigment on the cheekbones and nose, which will also be incredibly beautiful).
  5. Golden lips (to give them chic and shine, you need to add a little golden shine to the middle of the lips after applying the lipstick).

Fashionable eye makeup for the New Year 2020

First of all, it is necessary to remember that any makeup should be applied on an ideal basis. For New Year’s Eve, you can use not only a foundation to create a perfect skin tone, but also a silicone base for makeup. Firstly, it will add a little “mutedness” to any bright shades, and secondly, it will fix the makeup for a long time. Further: in the basic elements of makeup actual in this season’s metal shine should be present. Just remember about the color of the eyes. The shades of “shiny” should emphasize the “color” of the eyes, not compete with it.

New Year’s makeup for green eyes

Warm shades of shadows, such as peach, cinnamon, cocoa, chocolate, golden, purple, will be appropriate for green eyes in New Year’s makeup.  The powder, darker than the natural color of the skin will make the face expressive. The shade of lipstick should be warm, but without pearlescent. Golden rule: if we add extra glow to the eyes, then the lips should be as neutral as possible.

New Year’s makeup for gray eyes

Grey-eyed girls will be in the center of attention all evening if they choose cold shades of pink, smoky grey and sand for their New Year makeup. The eyeliner only needs to emphasize the contour of the eyes. Powder is recommended to be lighter than your own skin tone, but lipstick can be “torn off” by adding fire to it. Scarlet, carmine, active, pearlescent shine, lip oil – everything is perfect for the New Year’s Eve makeup.

New Year’s makeup for blue eyes

Those with blue eyes for New Year’s makeup are better off with a New Year’s Eye pallet with anthracite (in the case of the ice-sucky), blue and light blue shadows. The main thing is that they are not muted, matte textures. In New Year’s makeup it is important to add depth to the blue eyes, so the shadows should be with reflective texture elements. The same depth will add a multi-component makeup: the inner corner of the eye is applied light shade, the middle of the eyelid – the main color, and the outer corner of the eye is shaded dark. Finally, it is recommended to emphasize the lips with pastel shine.

New Year’s makeup for brown eyes

What is needed in the New Year’s makeup 2020 for brown eyes is bronze and all its shades. But such a bronze eye makeup is impossible without creating the effect of luminous skin, so you can’t do it without a primer and an active highlighter. If you don’t want golden shades, look in the direction of active beige, shamoir, carmelite, mocha, feldgrau, khaki. But remember! – If you use these colors as a base, you will need to apply a glitter to the center of the main color. This is the exact festive accent, without which the New Year’s makeup will be incomplete.

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New Year’s Makeup