How do you pluck your own eyebrows?

Beautiful eyebrows are certainly fully responsible for the expression of the face, for the beauty of makeup and the image as a whole. Eyebrows are something to pay attention to in the first place, for example, there will be enough of a well leveled tone and decorated eyebrows, optionally – shine-balm for lips for the quality of daytime makeup. Of course, today the beauty industry provides girls with a lot of different products for eyebrows, a variety of amazing – here are gels, and waxes, and pencils, and tints, various highlighters to illuminate the area under the eyebrows, eyebrow shadows, lipstick and much more. The theme of eyebrows is inexhaustible and in spite of the changeability of fashion trends one should take into account the extremely important point: the compatibility of eyebrows with a specific person. Yes, despite the fashion, it is necessary to adjust the eyebrows to your own face: not to “overload” the look too wide and thick visually eyebrows, or not to deprive it of its character – because of virtually missing eyebrows.

Pluck your own eyebrows: how to do it right

First of all, determine for yourself what form of eyebrows you want to see on your face. If you have large facial features, you can keep the width of your eyebrows, almost without touching the shape. If you don’t and you understand that sharp, wide eyebrows are not yours, you can choose the shape to your liking. It is important to understand that eyebrows can radically transform the face – both for the worse and for the better.

We pluck eyebrows ourselves: how to set the shape of eyebrows

The standard approach is as follows: we draw an internal boundary of eyebrows at the nose bridge, drawing an imaginary line from the wings of the nose upwards. Then we draw an external boundary – drawing a line from the wings of the nose to the temples – diagonally. Thus, we determine the length of the eyebrows. If you want a longer eyebrow, and the hairs of your eyebrow are missing – you can “finish” the eyebrow with decorative means.

After we have defined the length, we work on the width and on the form: the bend of eyebrows is optimum to mark in that point which is formed, if to draw an imaginary line from wings of a nose through external border of an iris. This will be the best option; some sources advise to carry out this line through the middle of the pupil, but in this case, the fracture will begin too early, and the look will turn out to be too “bitchy”. If you find it difficult to determine this line in your mind, try to attach a regular ruler.

How to pluck your eyebrows right

In order to pluck correctly, in addition to determining the correct shape of the eyebrows, their borders and fractures, it is necessary to follow a number of other rules:

  • Use quality tweezers – preferably with a pointed edge;
  • Eyebrows should be plucked in the direction of their height so that the hairs do not simply break off;
  • Be sure to disinfect the tweezers themselves and the skin surface before tweezing;
  • Most importantly, keep in mind that it is better to concentrate on the process rather than over-indulge in eyebrow plucking;
  • In order not to pluck out the excess, mark the shape with a pencil. Try not to use a dark one, but vice versa – use white or light beige, or you can take light pink, so as not to touch the hairs below or above a certain limit.

Modern eyebrow cosmetic products, of course, allow you to successfully fill in the “gaps” in the form, even if you plucked the extra. But it’s better to keep it together. If you want to grow eyebrows fast and to give them an optimal shape – use special tools for growing, such as nutritious oil, you can even take olive oil.

Even the correctly built shape of the eyebrows will require makeup: leaving the eyebrows untouched when the tone of the face, color of lips and eyes is done,  isn’t quite optimal. Therefore, it is worth having, at least, a fixing agent (ink or gel) in your beauty salon, as well as dyeing the necessary shade (shade, pencil, lipstick – any acceptable texture for you. Don’t forget your eyebrow brushes, too.

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How do you pluck your own eyebrows?