Combinations of colors in clothes

The cold season is getting more and more visible. Each of us is preparing for the transition to a warm wardrobe, and one of the main factors in the choice of clothes is its color combination. If you choose the right colors in your wardrobe, you will not only look stylish, but can also be noticed.

Autumn season is not a reason to wear only black. What color combinations are the most win-win situations in your clothes?

Red and blue are an expressive combination, which is a sign of strength. These colours have the opposite characteristics: red is active, dynamic, blue is cool and calm. It is only necessary to distribute the colors in the dress correctly for their harmonious neighborhood, decide which of them will be the main one and which one – the additional one. If you want to make the image brighter, take passionate red as the basis, but if you want to add serenity – give preference to blue.

To create an image filled with power, this combination is ideal. Perhaps the classic set in these colors will be the combination of a red warm sweater with blue jeans. For a more festive mood, red trousers and a blue blouse, complemented by heels, are the right choice. 

Grey and shades of brown

In the fashion world, gray has always been one of the leading colors in the world. This success can be explained by the universal qualities and excellent compatibility with virtually any color. In the autumn season, gray looks most interesting with shades of brown. But if your image is minimalistic and you want to be noticed, remember that brown and grey can look inexpressive. To prevent this from happening, try to choose colors that differ from each other in light and dark shades and tones – gray should be cold, and brown – with yellow or orange shades.

Brown accessories are popular in autumn. To hit the target pick up a gray skirt or jacket  with brown boots. Play with styles, a classic brown trench coat or a sports hoodie, creating a warm casual look for the season.

Purple with green and brown

Purple is probably the most ambiguous color in the whole color spectrum. It is complex, heavy and fickle. Brown and green are literally created for each other. This combination causes associate with the tree and its foliage. Green brings freshness and coolness to the ensemble, creating a beautiful contrast with the warm brown. Purple can be both one of the main colors in the image and an accent. Its saturated and dark shades visually reduce the volume, so it can be used for visual correction of the body.

The variant for each day will be brown trousers and a green blouse, add purple coats or booties. And violet bright pants in combination with studded boats are insanely festive and non-standard outfit.

Gray or caramel monochrome

Gray fits perfectly with darker skin – that’s why gray looks good in autumn, when you can still enjoy your summer tan. Monochrome is a great alternative to bright colors that can be combined in tonality. But with gray you need to be careful not to create an unnecessarily painful look. It is best if your monochrome image will combine different textures, different materials and textures which  look particularly spectacular in a monochrome design.

Don’t think that a monochrome outfit will be boring, on the contrary, its appeal will make people look at you from head to toe. For warm days use caramel total look, for colder days – gray. Do not limit yourself to choosing, try to combine all the elements of the wardrobe to find the perfect outfit.

The combination of colors in your clothes is as much an essential attribute in creating an image as the fashion and style itself. When you choose a style for yourself, you talk about yourself. So what will you say about yourself this fall?

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Combinations of colors in clothes