Rouge is a miracle thing that instantly gives a fresh and rested look to your face. But to achieve this effect, it is important to use the blush correctly. How to apply blush correctly and how to choose the ideal one for yourself – read in our material!

The blush on the cheeks was not in vain recognized as one of the main trends of autumn 2019, because at this time, our skin becomes lighter, pale, and from the sun that gave the face a rested look, there is no trace. To refresh your face, accentuate your makeup and complete it, we recommend using blush. We reveal the secrets of applying and selecting the perfect blush.

How to choose from a variety of blushes

The wrong blush formula can ruin your makeup. Therefore, choose an option depending on your skin type. Blushes can be dry and creamy. Dry ones are suitable for everyone (we often use them). They, in turn, can be matte and shimmering. Liquid and creamy blushes are recommended for those with normal or dry skin: they will moisturise the face with a beautiful glow. Oily skin is not suitable for creamy blushes – they can simply roll during the day.

Which brush to apply the blush

The blush brush is no less important than the blush itself. Properly selected blush brush will help to apply the product evenly and without gaps, as well as to spread it well.

If you use dry blush, choose a fluffy natural pile brush (it can be be beveled or rounded), if cream brush, choose a double fiber or a dense brush, which is also suitable for liquid foundation. We advise you not to use the brushes that come with the blush – these brushes are too hard, often scratch the skin, and with them, you will not get any effect.

The classic scheme of blushing is quite simple and fits absolutely all types of faces. Start with the cheekbones and move diagonally to the outer corner of the eye, without going beyond the tip of the eyebrow. Also, do not apply blush too close to the center of the face (do not go beyond two fingers from the nose) or under the cheekbones (for this use a bronzer for the face).

If you want to give your face a healthy shine, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. This method of application is suitable for those who have a long and elongated face. The blush applied to the apples cheeks will shorten them a little and make a face more proportionate.

To make this season’s fashionable dripping, apply blush as a highlighter, apply blush to the top of your cheekbones, avoiding the area under your eyes. Distribute the product to the temples with a brush. This application option is suitable for all types of faces, as well as for a triangular face, as it emphasizes the cheekbones and makes the face more textured.

If you suddenly overdo it with blushes, powder the face on this area and slightly spread them.

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