Knitted Manicure

The volumetric design on the nails in the form of a pattern of a sweater looks stylish, unusual and as much as possible approaches for a winter time. Our tips will help you to make a beautiful knitted manicure at home, and a selection of photos will inspire you to create an original drawing. Where to start?

The technique of knitted manicure with gel varnish. 

If you want the nail-art in the form of a pattern of a sweater was volume, it is better to use gel varnish. Dense consistency allows you to create the necessary texture.

Step 1. Prepare your nails. Do a manicure (hardware, European, trimming), degrease the nail plate with a special tool and apply the base. It will allow to make a pattern uniform and accurate, and also will prolong firmness of a varnish.

Step 2. When the base is dry, cover the nails with the main shade. If you apply a few layers of lacquer, use a UV light after each layer.

Step 3. Choose the technique that will make up the drawing. You can repeat the type of knitting you prefer: braids, stripes, checkmarks. Beginners should give preference to the last pattern – it is the easiest to make. In the middle of the nail plate, draw a thin strip. Add symmetrical checkmarks on both sides. When the quilted pattern is complete, you can sprinkle the gel lacquer with sand or powder in tone. This will create a pile effect from the sweater. Stick the result under the UV lamp for 1.5-2 minutes. Knitted manicure at home is ready!

Ideas of knitted manicure: photo gallery.

When you master the basic technique, start experimenting! We have collected some interesting ideas that will inspire you to create a unique knitted nail design.

Neil-art in the form of a sweater pattern looks very gently in pastel and light colors.

If you want your manicure to look more concise, use a knitted pattern as an accent on a few nails.

Technique of knitted manicure with ordinary varnish. 

No possibility to use gel varnish? Do not worry, you can make a knitted pattern on your nails with ordinary varnish. It will not be so voluminous, but its creation will take much less time.

Step 1. Prepare your nails in a similar way. In addition to the base, you can use a protective coating: this will extend the durability of the pattern.

Step 2. Apply the primary color to the nails and let the nail polish dry. Use a thin brush to draw a pigtail in the middle of the nail. Then finish drawing half of the same pigtails on the right and left. You can also use powder to create a 3D effect on your nails.

Do you have any secrets about making knitted nails? Share in the comments!

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Knitted Manicure