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Kinds of love Sternberg identifies seven varieties of love.

1. Sympathy. It includes only one component – intimacy. There is spiritual intimacy, a feeling of tenderness, affection for a person, but there is no passion and devotion.

2. Obsession. There is passion, but no intimacy and commitment. As a rule, passion arises very quickly and passes just as quickly. This is the same love at first sight, which can remain a fleeting passion, or can develop into something more.

3. Empty love. There are mutual obligations, but there is no passion and intimacy. This is a love of calculation, when a person is prudent, decides to remain faithful to his partner. This is the nature of love for couples who have long retained an emotional and physical attraction to each other, but retain a warm relationship.

4. Romantic love. Intimacy and passion are characteristic, but there is no devotion. However, in addition to emotional closeness, they have a physical attraction to partners. This kind of love constantly pops up in the form of a plot in literature and cinema (both in the classic plays “Romeo and Juliet” and in popular ladies’ novels).

5. Companionable love. A combination of intimacy and commitment. Passion is gone or never was. This love connects relatives, friends or spouses when the passion has passed.

6. Meaningless love. An unusual combination of passion and devotion to partners, but there is no spiritual intimacy with him. Such relationships often turn into a hasty marriage, when the couple decides to get married almost on a second date. However, such a marriage ends in divorce.

7. Perfect love. It includes all three components: passion, intimacy, devotion. All couples strive for such a relationship. It is very difficult to support them. Such love is never long. This does not mean that relations turn into all varieties, for example, in a comradely or empty.

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