Rapid makeup

Beautiful makeup is always in harmony. The accents are arranged so as to exclude vulgarity or overload. The shades are used only those that match the skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. The products are applied according to all the rules. In this material we will tell you what tools you will need to create a beautiful makeup. Share some beauty tricks, as well as photo and video instructions that will help you to create a daytime and evening image yourself.

Ten tools you need to create beautiful makeup. Plus the techniques of handling them.


Use it only for its intended purpose. If you apply a concealer or foundation cream, for example, as a base for eyelids, there is a high probability that the shadows will roll. But it will hide perfectly the dark circles.


If you want to achieve a translucent coating, spread it with your fingers, if more dense, with a brush. If there are no serious skin imperfections, give preference to lightweight products

But if the skin condition leaves much to be desired, a densely coated foundation will do.


First of all, treat the areas that begin to shine before others (usually a T-zone), and only then – the rest, with a very thin layer. If you’re afraid to make a mistake with the shade, bet on a transparent one.


Don’t forget to apply it to your face, neck and décolleté to make sure your skin tone is uniform. Do this makeup in natural daylight. Never used this product?


Before you apply them, smile. Then, walk a blush brush through the apples of your cheeks, shaking the pigment along the central part of the imaginary line between your chin and the top of your ears.

Eyebrow care

To instantly “tighten” your face, emphasize the top line of your eyebrows with a pencil or eyebrow powder.


To apply it evenly, start to paint the lips with “Cupid’s arch”, and then distribute the pigment in the corners – before closing the lips.

Eye shadows

Whatever the eye makeup is, the eyelid skin should be prepared for it – distribute the upper eyelid (and grow towards the eyebrow) matte shadows of a neutral shade, which coincide with the color of the lightest part of the face.


Instead of looking in the mirror right in front of you, move as close to it as possible, tilt your head back. Start lining your eyes away from the inside corners, gradually moving towards the outside.


Paint the lashes, starting from the roots (hold the brush a little bit in this area), and then move gradually to the tips with zigzag movements.

Start with your eyebrows

Beautifully outlined eyebrows draw attention to the eyes. Use a clean brush to scratch the hairs upstairs, then fill in the gaps between them with shadows that repeat the colour of the eyebrows. Move from the base of the eyebrow to the ponytail. If you’re happy with the density of your eyebrows, use a transparent gel to simply stack and fix the hairs.

Don’t forget the base under the shadows

To make the makeup as durable as possible, do not neglect the eye primer. It will smooth the skin and prepare it for shading.

Create depth

To make your eyes deep, spread light shadows over the entire surface of the eyelid, and apply dark shadows to the fold, in the same color palette – grow up well. This make-up trick will provide makeup 3D-effect.

Carefully choose the shades

Perhaps one of the most important steps in make-up is to choose a shade that matches the color of your eyes. A universal rule: Choose the shade colors that are opposed to the color of your eyes on the color circle. Thus, the shades of bronze and copper are perfect for blue eyes, and the shades of purple and taupe for green and brown eyes. Pay attention to the skin tone, among other things: the darker it is, the warmer the shades of shade you should choose.

Do not ignore the eyeliner

Apply gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner along the upper eyelash growth line. If your eyes are light, use a brown liner, if dark, use a black liner. Underneath the lower lashes, spread brown or black shadows with a small brush to create a haze effect. The main thing is to make sure that the upper eyelid liner converges with the lower eyelid liner in the outer corner of the eye.

Apply the highlighter according to the rules

Light up under your eyebrow and the inner corners of your eyes to instantly “open” your eyes. Use the highlighter or light shining shadows to do this.

The final touch is mascara

Before you paint your eyelashes, twist them with a curler. Then apply the mascara in two or three coats. Formulas can be chosen from a variety of different formulas – if you want to both lengthen the lashes and add volume to them, apply the two products alternately. However, there are also products that allow you to combine the two desired effects

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Rapid makeup