How to make a light makeup for every day – 20 photos with options.

Perfect light makeup is such that is difficult to see. You can only see a nice face of a person who sleeps well and takes good care of himself. Yes, yes, beautiful everyday makeup begins with grooming. So first, cleanse your face with tonic, then apply day cream.

After hiding the flaws of the skin with the help of a concealer, apply a foundation cream. Make sure that the skin tone on the whole face is the same and matches the natural complexion. Secure it with a small amount of powder.

Start with your eyebrows. If you don’t have a pencil, you can take the matching eye shadows. It is advisable to brush the hairs with a special brush.

In light makeup you should not get carried away with arrows and multi-layered shadows, one dim color for all eyelids is enough. After that, carefully apply the mascara 1-2 times, moving along the eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids.

The final touch is lipstick. If you have not painted your eyes brightly, you can take a brighter lipstick, and if the eyes are highlighted – a light shine or colorless will do just fine.

Light makeup should be combined with your clothes and image. Do not paint the eyelids in five layers when putting on the torn jeans, and on the contrary – don’t forget to paint the light eyebrows if you are wearing a suit.

And, of course, to improve your facial skin, you should follow the diet, sleep well and don’t upset about silly things Otherwise, no concealer will help you to get a perfect everyday makeup.

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How to make a light makeup for every day – 20 photos with options.