25 images in the main color of 2020

The main color of 2020 has already become known. The Pantone Color Institute called it quite simply – Classic Blue. The fashionable shade of blue, reminiscent of the palette of “the sky at dusk” symbolizes calmness and confidence, said experts Pantone. It is the clothes in the shade of classic blue that should be added to the whistlers next year, but for now we suggest to look at how streetstyle-activists use a new shade on the streets of major fashion capitals.

Fashionistas decided not to wait for next year to demonstrate things in the most actual shade of 2020. The girls are already trying on the classic blue color in their autumn-winter images. In most cases, fashionista choose coats or fur coats in the shade of Classic Blue, as well as bet on the dresses length of midi, skirts with flounces, silk blouses and loose jackets.

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25 images in the main color of 2020