Dark manicure: elegance of gloomy shades, photos with examples

Sometimes you want to add noirée and gloom to your image, and if dyeing your hair and changing your wardrobe is too expensive, attention falls on manicure. We’ll tell you how to create an indescribable dark look with the finest dark shades.

The trends of the 80-90s have returned and rule the trendy world, so that the dark nails will look amazing. The main thing is to understand all these opportunities of incredible shades and ways of painting. But in this we will help you. There is plenty of colours and shades, and if you do not know which one to choose, pay attention to those colors that have become fashionable. They will be perfectly combined with all trendy colors in clothing, so you do not need to think about the fact that all parts of the image are in harmony with each other.

Trend coloring. 

Color is not all. Now that you have chosen a beautiful shade of nails, you need to find out how to apply it, what texture to give and what kind of manicure you want. Sheet the gallery and choose an option for yourself.

Matte dark manicure.

Dark lacquer, whether it’s gel or simple, looks great in a matte version. The velvet effect and the matte finish are just wonderful, especially if you choose the right pattern or patterns. Perfect for decorating marigolds both in the office and on the holiday.

Dark manicure and rubbing.

This is another trend that many fashionistas like. Manicure with rubbing not only looks on the nails of any length, but can also be an ideal solution for a festive evening, a date or just for everyday life. Mirror rubbing or rubbing with the effect of beetle wings – it doesn’t matter, everything looks just great! 

Moon and French manicure.

The undeniable trends are French and moon manicure, made with the help of dark shades. Play with texture: matte nail and glossy “smile”, experiment with colours and even with shiny inserts. French manicure in dark shades will suit any young lady who just wants to create an excellent image that will be as universal and interesting as possible. 

Dark manicure omber

Ombre is a trend that has become fashionable and not in a hurry to get out of it. And with dark shades, it looks simply delightful. Use any texture (matte or glossy), any shades and combinations. If you don’t want all the nails to be this shade, just make one nail in this style. Nails with kamifubuki

The trend among fashionable women from all over the world is a manicure with small circles of foil called kamifubuki. A very beautiful way to make yourself unobtrusive, but festive manicure, which will also look appropriate in the office. It is a great choice for a birthday that will make you happy for a long time. Dark manicure fits to any nails, the main thing is to choose the right picture. And what do you like?

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Dark manicure: elegance of gloomy shades, photos with examples