Gel manicure

Nail coating with gel lacquer has become a standard service in beauty salons relatively recently, but has already become a norm of life for 60% of women. The essence of this coating comes down to a combination of decorative lacquer and modeling gel. So, manicure remains fresh and neat for two or three weeks.

A pedicure of this kind hardens for a month. Persistence is the main reason for the popularity of gel lacquer nail coating. It does not wash off and does not break off, and the glossy shine (or matte finish) looks as if you just left the salon. Three weeks is not the limit: this number characterizes only the frequency with which the correction is needed for one or another girl.  The procedure of nail coating with gel lacquer In the beauty studios is carried out according to all the rules: preparation: disinfection of instruments and nails, removal of old lacquer; polishing of nails – in order to remove the natural glossy layer and “open” the plate; degreasing – a special fast-acting composition is applied and dries in a few seconds. This is done to ensure that the gel lacquer is not peeled off in the future; application of the base (primer) – a thin layer is enough. In this form of nails are placed under the ultraviolet lamp; coating – several layers are applied in turn when the previous one is polymerized under the UV lamp; top application – glossy or matte lacquer completes the procedure; removal of sticky layer – in order not to leave fingerprints; hand massage. After that, you can quietly splash in the bath, go to the sea and interact with household chemicals – manicure will remain intact.

The advantage of a salon cover.

Any honored master of manicure will say that he is not able to make a manicure with gel varnish himself. This is not an easy procedure, and there are at least two reasons not to experiment and sign up for a professional manicure in the beauty salon: Equipment, varnishes, bases, tops and other means of good quality are expensive. It is not advisable to buy all this at once to make the procedure cheaper (as you spend less on visiting any salon in a year) and it is impossible for those who actually try to make the procedure cheaper; it is dangerous. Gel lacquer is sensitive to UV radiation, and some women get burns during polymerization, even on nail plates. 

Carelessly applied coatings on skin and/or cuticles can cause severe burns if the lacquer is not carefully wiped with a special product (which requires two hands). 

Don’t you believe us? – Check online the photos of those who have already taken a risk. 

How to remove gel lacquer from nails. 

The coating of nails with gel lacquer is popular because of its resistance. But the same factor is not very practical for some girls. If somewhere there is chipping or nails grow to indecency, and there is no time to go to the salon, you will have to hide your hands in your pockets until a couple of free hours. Luckily for busy ladies, the indelible gel lacquer is a common myth invented by those beauty salons that are interested only in profit, but not in personal feelings of the client. To take off the gel lacquer, you do not need to buy an expensive product – enough of the usual, but only with acetone. Otherwise, you will be helped by handy means, which are in the house of each woman: take a piece of cotton wool and impregnate with a means to remove the lacquer, so that the cotton wool is well held, wrap the tip of the finger with foil, do this procedure with each finger, wait about two minutes and remove the foil with cotton wool, scrape softened gel-varnish spatula, walk along the nail plates polisher. We also conducted an experiment and began to remove the gel varnish with a special ceramic tip – and we liked it even better, as the removal is several times faster. Some of the salons began to remove the coating in this way, because some of the clients were allergic to the liquid after the removal of the liquid, although the studios only use quality materials. 

Disadvantages and contraindications of this type of manicure.

Lack (if you can call it that) of this procedure is some binding. Some people don’t like the fact that you have to visit the salon systematically, without the right to pass. On the other hand, it is a good incentive to always stay beautiful. One of the negative aspects is the need to polish the nail and disturb its structure. But this is also twofold, because the nails are inanimate tissues, and therefore “destroy” them is quite impossible. During the menstrual cycle, in case of skin diseases or nail stratification gel manicure is not prohibited. Nothing terrible will happen. It is possible that the nails will take a break from their function and stop flaking. 

Do not cover the nails with lacquer gel only in one case: Fungal disease of the nail plate!

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Gel manicure