Short nails

Today, short nails are very popular – modeled, coated or lacquered. This is not surprising, manicure on short nails can be adjusted to any style, always looks stylish, neat, and hands look well-groomed. And it is possible to use this type of manicure for any occasion from usual working day to a party. And why not?

But we will also emphasize that the length of not more than 3-5 mm is considered ideal, such nails do not interfere, do not deliver discomfort. The only thing is that nail-design should be done professionally, taking into account current trends and your mood. This is important.

Choosing the shape of short nails. 

Before you go on to see the ideas for short nails, we remind you that the short length of the nail plates looks best with an oval or square shape. They are universal, considered the most fashionable in recent years. If the length of your nails has grown a little bit, it is better to choose an almond shape, especially if the cuticle line allows it.

Monochrome and two-color short nail coating.

Suitable for girls who like classic manicure, minimalism, nude, nail design negative space. Accurate monochrome manicure will not distract attention from your style and image, especially when you choose a universal nail polish.

This year’s fashionable manicure of two and three colors can be done by combining in one design favorite shades of lacquers.

Classic short nail French

Your man will definitely approve of it, the French manicure looks very feminine and laconic. A natural French french with a nude, translucent lacquer, gentle pink looks stylish and elegant on different lengths of nails, including a short one.

Manicure with rhinestones, foil and rub.

Glitter and glitter have won the girls a long time ago. In dosage quantities will look fashionable and on short nails. Note that in 2019, the trend for shine, rhinestones, glitter is reaching a new level, going nowhere, on the contrary, winning more and more fans.

Drawings and graphics on the nails.

If you need to add “zest” to your manicure, accentuate it with a no-nonsense pattern, straight lines, geometric shapes on one or two nails. This is quite enough, as the length of the nails is short.

Gentle omber.

Great option for short nails, just choose a shade. The most actual colors for such length are deep and pastel colors. But who can forbid you to experiment with bright colors? The main thing is that you like it, manicure suited to the way of life, about and was beautiful.

Cat-eye manicure.

Such a design has been in the trend for three or four years already, as everything in the modern world strives for comfort and simplicity. Ideal for manicure of short nail lengths, especially in dark shades. Looks fashionable and stylish. And it is done with the help of a special varnish and magnet, forming an intricate overflow.

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Short nails