Blue manicure

If you’ve decided to create your next manicure in a cold dark blue shade, we suggest you read the recommendations for creating a fashionable design.

The blue color has long been compared to the classic black. And all because it is universal, but does not look so dramatic. In addition, blue color is easily combined with delicate and bright shades. Try to combine blue with similar colors: blue, lilac, purple. It will also be good to combine the blue color with white, black, silver and gold shades.

Nail-art, like fashion, is developing and changing rapidly, so to stay in the trend, you need to keep an eye on fashionable new products. Nail-masters recommend to apply both monochrome lacquer and decorate the nails with prints. Blue lacquer is well combined with floral patterns, geometric shapes, mosaics, light gradients (from darker to lighter shades of blue).

Don’t forget about the sparkles and glitters that will be relevant at New Year’s parties in winter.

Also try to use different design techniques in blue manicure: “cat’s eye”, moon manicure, classic French. 

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Blue manicure