Hats in winter

When benies, caps and berets are in fashion, ordinary hats are only modestly pressed on the backs of the wardrobe. But we are in a hurry to help and shows how to wear a hat in winter to look stylish and dress warmly. Let’s check out the gallery.

The trends of winter 2020 show voluminous coats, hoodies, military jackets and shoes, and all these things are perfectly combined with beanie caps. 

The easiest and most logical way to wear a hat in winter is to combine it with a democratic and trendy oversize coat, which can be both short and long Maxi. It is ideal to wear it in winter and to combine this coat with a beanie cap, jeggins, skinny or narrow trousers and masculine style shoes with low heels.


It’s weird, of course, but funny hats which used to be worn only with jeans and skinny skirts, really fit together with midi skirts. A great choice is a skirt made of knitwear, a three-dimensional sweater with a high throat or a turtleneck and a hat moved to the back of the head.


Winter is not an occasion to put your favorite baggy trousers in the closet. They can be worn not only with cropped-tops in summer or with feminine blouses in autumn, but also in winter – combining everything with the same coat, parka and hat. Only, of course, in winter it is better to choose dense fabrics: tweed, knitwear, etc., although thin silk trousers can be worn with a long knitted jacket, sweater and maxi-coat.

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Hats in winter