Monochrome makeup


It is created using either a single-color makeup or several shades of the same color scheme. Makeup has become popular for a variety of reasons.

First, making a harmonious make-up with the use of a wide range of colors – isn’t a simple task. It is easy to make a mistake in choosing the right combinations. It is accepted, for example, that the blush and lipstick were of the same tone – either “warm” or “cold”. But not everybody achieves a 100% match. And the result may not meet expectations.

Secondly, it is not uncommon for there to be only one product at hand – either blush, or shadows, or lipstick, or bronzer. Now it is enough to create a proper monochrome makeup. Despite the fact that each of these tools has its own purpose, they are all multifunctional, and owning different beauty-techniques, they can be used in different ways.

The monochrome approach gives makeup a distinct character. Color does its job: pink gives the image of romantic dreaminess, shades of red hint at the rapid temperament, and beige-brown tones, on the contrary, add softness.


The easiest way to make mono makeup is to use pink, beige and brown shades. It’s more difficult with red. Moreover, the stereotypes prevent it from being presented as a basis for eye makeup. Meanwhile, this color can create a beautiful and unforgettable image. But be careful: one wrong move can lead to the opposite result and even give the face a painful look.

To prevent this from happening, making monochrome makeup in red tones, act as follows:

  1. Apply a small amount of copper shadows with a shimmer to the skin of the eyelids prepared with the primer. Grind them so that a translucent layer of skin remains.
  2. If you want to emphasise the contour of the eyes, use a brown pencil and grow a line so that the colour is not visible. It should literally blend in with the red copper.
  3. Finish the eye make-up with black or brown (the result will be softer) mascara.
  4. Apply some red blush to the “apples” of the cheeks. They are usually very pigmented, so you will also need a careful feathering here.
  5. A red shade balm with a translucent texture will do for the lips. By the way, you can use blush instead (if they have a liquid texture).

This instruction implies the use of a whole set of beauty products. But monochrome makeup can also be done with one, even if it’s dry red blush. Use them to create a tuxedo effect on the eyelids, then grow them on the cheekbones to refresh the complexion, and then use your fingertips to “beat” a little pigment into the lip skin, and then cover them with a colorless lipgloss or just a caring balm.

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Monochrome makeup