Evening makeup rules


Evening makeup is a makeup design that is created for a special occasion. At the same time, it is not necessary that the solemn ceremony will be held in the dark – a corporate party or a birthday party can start during the day, but the image should still be festive.

The number of makeup images that you can create tends to infinity, but there are a few basic rules that are relevant to any kind of evening makeup.

1. Respect the balance

When you’re going to a party, think of your image in detail. Decide in advance on the outfit and choose the makeup, taking into account its features. Certainly, lace dress in combination with bright makeup can be afforded not only by Jennifer Lopez – the main thing is that the image eventually turns out to be harmonious, and you feel comfortable. Complement the bold outfit with makeup, in which make only one noticeable accent – either on the eyes or lips. By the way, men also support this approach.

2. Take into account the peculiarities of the event.

Where’s the party going to be and what kind of lighting is there? What is the dress code for the event? Is there a photo shoot planned? All these nuances are very important to take into account when creating the evening makeup in order to choose the right image and the right tools for you to use.

3. Choose durable products.

Evening makeup should be resistant in the first place! And even if you are not going to dance until the morning, and go to a dinner party at the restaurant, no one knows when and how it will end. Besides, you don’t want to check every half an hour whether the shadows have slipped and whether the lipstick is there. Therefore, give preference to a durable foundation and lipstick, and use a reliable primer

4. Add some glow

Sparkles is one of the main makeup trends of the last seasons, which will not go anywhere in 2020. And if the shiny freckles are too brave for you to try out, start with a shimmer shadow – this is the easiest way to create an evening makeup. And don’t forget to use the highlighter to get the effect of skin shining from the inside: nowhere without it!

5. Don’t overburden your skin with cosmetics

In addition to the durability we mentioned above, the evening makeup tonals should have another important feature – a light texture. Apply them with a translucent layer and shake them carefully, otherwise the effect of puff cake on your face will not be avoided.

Another important tip: if you have oily skin, instead of the usual powder take with you to the party transparents or matting napkins to correct your makeup. Powder with colored pigments, applied in several layers, can spoil your delicate makeup.

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Evening makeup rules