Myths about makeup

If the skin is in perfect condition, you don’t need a foundation. 

Not quite so. Even the perfect skin is not always perfect. As a rule, girls who do not have any special problems with the skin, prefer powder to disguise spotted redness and use a corrector. Those who claim that they do not use any tonal means, either lie, or they are not very concerned about this issue.

Red / raspberry / cherry lipstick should be worn only in the evening and only at celebrations. 

We agree that raspberry, cherry or red lipstick is a great addition to the evening toilet. But these colors are also suitable for daytime makeup, provided that the bright lips will be the main accent. A little black ink, light shades of shadows and a thin line of liner are ideal for red lipstick during the day.

Compact blushes should only be applied after powdering, and they will not be evenly distributed on the toner. 

There is a tacit rule when mixing textures: greasy with greasy, dry with dry. Therefore, when we try to apply compact blush to the foundation without powder or put creamy blush on the powdered skin, the result is disappointing. On the contrary, the cream blush rolls on the powder. But in any rule there is an exception. For example, Le Blush Crème De Chanel cream blush fits well on the bases of both types due to its creamy powder texture. Similarly, the Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation’s powder tonal foundations do not need any additional powder fixation, and the dry blushes lie perfectly on them.

“Makeup without makeup” is the most complex to do and requires a huge amount of makeup. 

This is really true. Even for a professional makeup artist “makeup without makeup” is the most complicated. But do not forget that for a full day makeup even healthy complexion is enough. That’s why the only thing you can do with Les Beige Fluide, a tanning fluid with a light tan effect, is to get amazing results. And if you add some natural blush and mascara to that, the desired image is achieved effortlessly. The most important thing in this makeup is a healthy, well-groomed skin.

Applied eyelashes are only for cabaret dancers and red carpet stars. 

In all other cases mascara is enough. We would say that in all other cases you need moderation in the volume and length of eyelashes. When it comes to eyelashes, always rely on natural data: someone only needs a lengthening or volumetric mascara, and in some cases false eyelashes come to the rescue. As a rule, these are bundles, which are selected delicately in length and volume, and to make the result look as natural as possible, put a little mascara on top.

Bright make-up distracts attention from skin imperfections. 

If you want to create a bright image, all the skin imperfections will come to the fore. Therefore, first you need to hide all the flaws of the skin with the help of a base, a toner, a concealer.

Blue shadows are a relic of the past, and are appropriate only for parties in the style of the 80s. 

In all other cases, comparison with sellers of Soviet supermarkets cannot be avoided. Today, many of the latest makeup collections contain shadow pallets in blue, turquoise and azure shades. For the daytime look, a light feather shade or the dilution of blue with a different shade, such as beige, will suffice. If you put them completely on the moving eyelid, we advise you to put black eyeliner over the shadows. This will dilute the image and give charm.

Parabens and silicones in makeup products cause irreparable damage to the skin. 

Decorative cosmetics protect the skin from the unfavorable ecology of the big city. Silicones contained in the foundation prevent metals and impurities from getting into pores. In the formula of lipstick and shine, they moisturise lips and protect them from UV radiation. If they are in mascara, they help nourish eyelashes. Therefore, properly selected and high-quality decorative cosmetics not only does not harm the skin, but is also useful for it.

In makeup you need to follow the rule of one accent. 

The rule that it is possible to allocate brightly only one part of the face – eyes or lips – is easy to bypass, using the following methods. The sequence and methods of application of makeup depends primarily on the event you are going to attend. In the evening you can afford a little more than during the day, in particular, to emphasize the eyes and lips. Try a combination of bright lipstick with liquid eyeliner. Or put saturated shadows and draw arrows on eyelids; therefore,  apply dark lipstick on your lips.

It’s dangerous to test makeup in a shop. 

Tests are a favorite habitat for bacteria. If you are not sure about the hygiene of the testers, follow a few rules, and your acquaintance with decorative cosmetics will be successful. Bottles with a dispenser (bases, tonal means) – one of the safest. With dry shadows, powders and blush it is desirable to remove the top layer, and then apply to the face: these are fatty products, bacteria do not like them. Put antiseptic and wipe a lipstick with a paper napkin. It’s more difficult with lipgloss – pull out the textured brush, apply some antiseptic, and then paint your lips.

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Myths about makeup